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Using Custom Domains on GoNevis blogs

Usually when starting a blog on any blogging platform you will be given a free subdomain. However, you may already have a working website or domain that you want to point it to your GoNevis blog. Simply it means pointing your blog.gonevis.com to MyBlog.com or blog.mysite.com.We are pleased to announce custom...
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Alir3z4 • Apr 17 2018 0

New Dashboard Feel & Look Design Improvement

In recent upgrade we have polished the GoNevis Dashboard where you manage your blog.The new enhancement have been done carefully to make the dashboard much more usable and friendlier.Let's go through each of these new changes.Navigation moved to SidebarWe have removed the navigation from the top and moved it to...
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Amir Savand • Jan 15 2018 2

New shiny theme updates

In recent weeks, while making GoNevis enhanced and polished, we've done tons of work on themes.We worked carefully on each template to keep them up to date with the recent features.Images worth more than words when speaking about visual changes, here you go.ZeroThe default installed theme on each new GoNevis...
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Alir3z4 • Oct 21 2017 2

Is GoNevis.com open-source?

GoNevis.com Dashboard frontend code is completely open source, we have developed user dashboard in AngularJS, Bootstrap, and many other great libraries.However, at the time of writing this answer, backend code is not open source (it’s not ready to be open sourced yet and needs some more work.)We’re hosting most of...
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Alir3z4 • Aug 27 2017 1

Profile for every GoNevis user

We're introducing two new kind of profiles for each user on GoNevis.​1. Site wide profileNow, every user on GoNevis will have a site wide profile on the platform.The global profile will display basic information of the user that currently are:​Avatar.bio.Date of starting the membership.Content published by the user.Publications (Websites that...
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Alir3z4 • Jun 19 2017 2

Why We built a commenting system from scratch instead of using a third-party solution

We could have used a third-party systems that are out there and spend our time to improve other things on GoNevis. We didn't, we built the whole thing from the scratch.Tracking & Rat gameSimply because all of the third-party commenting systems have bunch of trackers on them. The moment they...

Alir3z4 • Apr 19 2017 2

Following & Subscribing to Site

With latest features released, others can subscribe to any blog or site.After subscribing to a Site, you'll receive new published entries in your email.All the GoNevis templates now support following site.This feature lets users to be updated with the latest events on any site they subscribe. Subscribe to get the...
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Alir3z4 • Apr 01 2017 0

Sitemap.XML is live now

GoNevis helps publishing easy as possible, taking writing content and giving them life by pumping digital bits into their veins.Search engines playing an important part is getting traffic on your website, helps getting content visible in their search result. In order to help the search engine crawlers find the pages...
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Alir3z4 • Mar 28 2017 0

A blogging platform built upon Python & Django

We launched GoNevis today, officially. (It's been on staging & production servers for a while but we announced it today.)So far it seems to be running good.GoNevis backend wouldn't be possible to implement so fast without using Python. We're using Django web framework and tons of other libraries including Celery...
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Alir3z4 • Mar 18 2017 0

GoNevis, the Blogging Platform is online

I'm happy to announce the availability of GoNevis blogging platform.GoNevis is a professional site and blog publishing platform. From simple personal blogging to professional publication web sites.New sites will get:​Free GoNevis domain, such as yourname.gonevis.com. (In future you'll be able to use your own domain.)Full SSL Support. We use secure...
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Alir3z4 • Mar 18 2017 2
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