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GoNevis is a professional blog publishing platform.

Following & Subscribing to Site

With latest features released, others can subscribe to any blog or site.

After subscribing to a Site, you'll receive new published entries in your email.

All the GoNevis templates now support following functionality.

This feature lets users to be updated with the latest events on any site they subscribe. 

Later, …

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Alireza Savand • Apr 01 2017

Sitemap.XML is live now

GoNevis helps publishing easy as possible, taking writing content and giving them life by pumping digital bits into their veins.Search engines playing an important part is getting traffic on your website, helps getting content visible in their search result. In order to help the search engine crawlers find the pages …

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Alireza Savand • Mar 28 2017

A blogging platform built upon Python & Django

We launched GoNevis today, officially. (It's been on staging & production servers for a while but we announced it today.)

So far it seems to be running good.

GoNevis backend wouldn't be possible to implement so fast without using Python. We're using Django web framework and tons …

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Alireza Savand • Mar 18 2017

GoNevis, the Blogging Platform is online

I'm happy to announce the availability of GoNevis blogging platform.

GoNevis is a professional site and blog publishing platform. From simple personal blogging to professional publication web sites.

New sites will get:

  • ​Free GoNevis domain, such as (In future you'll be able to use your own domain.)
  • Full SSL …

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Alireza Savand • Mar 18 2017 3