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Amir Savand @amir

Behind my eyelids are islands of violence.

Reader, Design Updates, Paid Plans and a Better Editor

We're happy to announce the latest updates on blogging platform.This update is full of exciting and big changes.Let's quickly summarize what we have worked on.ReaderWith this brand new update everyone can view their feed without leaving the dashboard.Explore latest posts of every blog or the ones you're following, that...
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Amir Savand • Dec 24 2018 3

New Dashboard Feel & Look Design Improvement

In recent upgrade we have polished the GoNevis Dashboard where you manage your blog.The new enhancement have been done carefully to make the dashboard much more usable and friendlier.Let's go through each of these new changes.Navigation moved to SidebarWe have removed the navigation from the top and moved it to...
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Amir Savand • Jan 15 2018 2