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GoNevis New Editor & Live Preview mode & Explore

In our recent August (2018.8) release we have made many changes on both user facing and internal parts that optimized the whole platform.

Let's see what has been changed.

New Text Editor

For GoNevis Dashboard new editor, we decided to go with Quill, a powerful rich text editor that comes with a very user friendly interface and brings a much better experience when writing posts on GoNevis.

New GoNevis Dashboard Editor

For the initial steps we removed advanced capabilities of the editor to make it more minimal and easier to use, however it's in our roadmap to add advanced mode as well (#941).

Post Preview

Knowing how your posts looks on your website is good, knowing how it looks with different devices and screen sizes is much better.

We have added a Preview button in Post Editor page where it will give you a quick way to see your latest content on your website in different devices and screen sizes.

With such feature you can see how your blog audience will see your content with their devices.

Exploring GoNevis

To help you discover more content, we have added a new page that shows the latest published posts across all the blogs hosted on GoNevis.

The next feature enhancement on this page will allow you to do many more things in one place, at this moment we won't publicize much about the future of this specific feature, we have many exciting things on our development roadmap.

The Explore page can been viewed at, if you're logged in and view the home page you'll see the explore page content as well.

Redesign of Profile

We have redesigned the author global profile page, it has much nicer and polished design.

My own global profile

More changes

Above we listed some of the bold changes that we introduced, however there are much more enhancement and bug fixes that we made so far in this release.

Below are the ones that you actually can notice them and are use facing changes.

  • #919: When adding new Navigation links, you can select its color via color select widget.
  • #877: Fixed uploading images in editor via Firefox browser.
  • #937: Better font size in the post text editor.
  • #953: Fixed the behavior of the text editor when copy pasting content, it would not scrolls to top.
  • When posting comment you can use the shortcut CTRL+Enter (much easier to post comment instead of pressing send button).
  • Comments on posts can be edited or deleted on blog posts.
  • We made the email notification much more compact and easier to read and removed all those fancy HTML templates, now it's just simply email messages.

We hope you enjoy all these changes and make your experiences better.

We are constantly improving GoNevis.

Please let us know what if you have any suggestions or feedbacks, we would love know about them.

Alireza Savand • 2018 Aug 12

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