GoNevis, the Blogging Platform is online

I'm happy to announce the availability of GoNevis blogging platform.

GoNevis is a professional site and blog publishing platform. From simple personal blogging to professional publication web sites.

New sites will get:

  • ​Free GoNevis domain, such as yourname.gonevis.com. (In future you'll be able to use your own domain.)
  • Full SSL Support. We use secure connection on all the websites traffic.
  • A very nice dashboard to manager the website(s) that comes with tons of features.
  • Dolphin, with GoNevis file manager Dolphin, keep all your photos, musics, videos, documents and other files under control.
  • Bunch of themes and templates, for now we don't have tons of templates to choose from, but surely we have some of the nicest that you can use and deliver to publish. We'll be adding many many more themes for you to select from. The template manager built into the dashboard gives your the ability the customize the template, each theme comes with different sets of customization, such as colors, sidebars, tag cloud, etc...
  • Team: You can bring your whole team to each website and give them permissions such as Author, Admin, Owner, etc and manage your entire website with you team.
  • Built-in Search. (This the first time a website can have a built-in search functionality #s)
  • Built in Commenting: You don't need to use external commenting widgets on your site, all the comments and discussions happening on the your website are stored under your account and can be easily managed and moderated.
  • Content #Tagging: To keep content management simple, our choice was using #tags instead of categories.
  • Upload your own template (work-in-progress): You can upload your own template to your website if you don't like the templates that we provide. 
  • GoNevis Dash is an open source project/product that you can participate directly to improve, either by submitting code, reporting bugs, reviewing patches, etc...
  • Use your own Analytics tools (planned).
  • Migrate from other blogging platforms (planned).
  • tons of more features.

We developed GoNevis to have a better place to blogging and even manage websites. Something customizable, clean, easy to handle and at the same feature rich (as much as possible.).

Yes, we have went through other blogging platforms to see how they work and what people say about them, researched their weakness and strength and no doubt there are great system out there that are working amazingly.

GoNevis Dash is an open source project that others can participate in it, the API is flexible enough other can integrate the content in their own software or built another dashboard they way they like it.

Please keep in mind, this is a new product and in an early stage of its life, we did tons of QA and testing. However you might face bugs or a Godzilla jumping out website, we'd apperciate it if you could send us an email.

Go ahead and visit GoNevis home page or directly register a new website

#s: being sarcastic 

Alir3z4 • 2017 Mar 18

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