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New Dashboard Feel & Look Design Improvement

In recent upgrade we have polished the GoNevis Dashboard where you manage your blog.

The new enhancement have been done carefully to make the dashboard much more usable and friendlier.

Let's go through each of these new changes.

Navigation moved to Sidebar

We have removed the navigation from the top and moved it to the sidebar, however we packed the whole links in a much better looking sidebar.

Sidebar open.png

The navigation side bar also can be minimized so you'd have much more space to work and focus while working on your content.

Sidebar close.png

Default Cover Image

Previously you had to manually set the cover image of the post, even if you had many images in your post. In the latest changes we improved the Post Editor to use the first image in your post as the cover image if there's no cover image on your post.

This change will certainly make your blog posts much more appealing to your audience and GoNevis built-in theme would make your blog much nicer when there's a cover image for your posts.

We're improving GoNevis blogging platform everyday with new features and enhancement. 

Keep in touch with us if you have any suggestions.

Amir Savand • 2018 Jan 15


Nice update, thank you.