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Your own Google Analytics Code on

The new features we're announcing will let you handle Google Analytics much better:

  • Using your own Google Analytics Code
  • Disabling it completely (not even GoNevis code will be there anymore.)

Using your own Google Analytics Code

To set your own code:

  • Log in to GoNevis Dash.
  • Navigate to the Settings page (from the sidebar).
  • Add your Google Analytics code into the "Google Analytics Code" text box in Advanced section.


Video showing how to set a custom Google Analytics Code

Once you set the new code, your blog will use that new code.

You don't like Google Analytics ?

In that case, we have another feature added that let you "Allow Google Analytics" on your blog.

When this option is enabled 2 things can happen:

  • Your own Google Analytics code will be used to track page views, if you have entered one in the settings.
  • We will use our own Google Analytics code if you don't have set your own.

In case you disable this settings, none of the above will happen and your blog will be free of any Google Analytics code.

Hope you find this feature useful.

Let us know your feedbacks and ideas <3

Alireza Savand • 2018 Jun 26

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